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How to Start a New Fraternity

Start Your Fraternity: A Step-by-Step Guide

Feeling lost in the Greek life maze on your campus? Don't fret! The US offers a vast array of fraternities, catering to diverse interests and values. Unleash your inner explorer and discover a brotherhood that resonates with your soul. This guide empowers you to find the perfect fit and establish a thriving chapter on your campus.

Step 1: Research Your Options:

  • Embrace the Variety: Explore the diverse types of fraternities, including traditional, minority, multicultural, service, religious, and academic.

  • Discover Your Match: Traditional/social, minority, and multicultural fraternities are predominantly male, while others are co-ed. Research the different types and their focuses to find the best fit.

  • A Helpful Resource: Start exploring with Wikipedia's page on fraternities and sororities.

Step 2: Connect with the National Board:

  • Identify Your Target: Found a fraternity that speaks to your heart? Contact their national board.

  • Expansion Expert: Locate the person responsible for expansion, usually the Vice President of Organizational Expansion.

  • Express Your Interest: Reach out and inquire about their interest in establishing new chapters and the required steps.

Step 3: Partner with Your School's Greek Life Office:

  • Crucial Collaboration: Contact your school's Greek Life office for guidance and recognition.

  • Process Exploration: Understand the specific requirements to establish a new fraternity at your school.

  • Preparing Your Pitch: Develop a strong proposal demonstrating your commitment and the potential success of the fraternity on campus.

Step 4: Build Your Interest Group:

  • Interim Recognition: Some schools require an interest group before official recognition.

  • Recruiting Champions: Assemble a team of motivated individuals to fulfill the minimum member requirement set by the national board.

  • Spreading the Word: Utilize word-of-mouth, social media, and campus flyers to attract potential members.

  • Leadership and Organization: Prepare for interim recognition by drafting a constitution, forming a leadership committee, and managing finances.

Step 5: Reach Out for Final Steps:

  • Seek Assistance: We are here to guide you through the remaining process and ensure a smooth launch.


Don't wait! Start exploring and building your Greek life brotherhood today!

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